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Category: News

Listing of news from the Institute of Bioinformatics at University of Georgia

Winner of the Ying Xu Outstanding Paper Award

Yi H. Yan is the winner of the Ying Xu Outstanding Paper Award. Papers published during the 2015 calendar year were submitted to consideration.

Mr. Yan’s paper, “Mathematical model of susceptibility, resistance, and resilience in the within-host dynamics between a Plasmodium parasite and the immune system” was published in Mathematical Biosciences, Volume 270, Part B, and can be found here.

Congratulations Yi!

IOB Promotions and Tenure

IOB is excited to announce that three faculty members have received promotions.

Dr. Shaying Zhao has been promoted to Professor.

Dr. Liang Liu has been promoted to Associate Professor, with tenure.

Dr. Juan Gutierrez has been promoted to Associate Professor.


IOB Student Receives Research Grant and Defends Masters Thesis

IOB graduate student Duo Peng has been awarded an Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant from the UGA Graduate School.

In addition, Duo successfully defended his masters thesis, “Frequent Intra-family Recombination in the Largest Repository of Antigen Variants in the Protozoan Pathogen Trypanosoma cruzi“.

Duo will continue his research in the Tarleton lab, while pursuing a doctoral degree in Cellular Biology.

Congratulations for both the grant award and the thesis defense!

Recent IOB Graduate Accepts Position

Recent PhD graduate Anita Nivedha has accepted a Post-doc position with Beckman Research Institute. Dr. Nivedha will work on GPCRs and coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulation method.

Beckman Research Institute of an adjoining medical center together form City of Hope, a cancer center located in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

Congratulations to Dr. Nivedha on the new position!

Chi Zhang wins Graduate Student Excellence in Research Award

Recent IOB graduate Chi Zhang has been awarded a Graduate Student Excellence-in-Research Award.

Initiated in 1999 to recognize the quality and significance of graduate student scholarship, these awards may be given in five areas: Fine Arts, Humanities and Letters, Life Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and  Applied Studies.

Chi Zhang, a recent doctoral graduate in bioinformatics, studies the mechanisms of cancer initiation, progression, metastasis and post-metastasis development using large-scale data analyses of cancer tissue samples and computer modeling. Much of his research focuses on scientific Warburg’s theory, which states that the primary cause of cancer is the replacement of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. Zhang uses new genomic data to explore this theory more completely by examining the fundamental metabolic changes that appear to be the primary cause of cancer in multiple tissues. His work could lead to new approaches to cancer prevention and treatment. Zhang is currently working as a postdoctoral associate in the department of biochemistry and molecular biology.

NIH R21 Proposal Funded

An NIH R21 proposal based on the work of IOB graduate student Duo Peng, who works in the Tarleton lab, has been funded. The title of the proposal is “Development of CRISPR/Cas system for study of trans-sialidase family genes in Trypanosoma cruzi”

Six Ph.D. students Join Bioinformatics

Six students have joined the Institute of Bioinformatics to pursue doctorate degrees in Bioinformatics.

Burair Alsaihati

Liang-Chin Huang

Yiran Li

Rahil Taujale

Joshua Watson

Shumeng Zhang

We’re excited to welcome them to the program and the IOB community!