Non-Travel Expense Requests

Non-Travel Expense Requests:

Sometimes during the course of normal business, an employee may incur an expense on behalf of the University and IOB. These types of employee reimbursements should be submitted using the Expenses module on an Expense Report. Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind when submitting a Non- Travel Reimbursement.

  • Please retain a copy of your receipt(s); all CC receipts with signature lines must be signed before uploading them into UGA Financials.
  • You will need a SPEEDTYPE or CHART STRING to complete your online expense request.
  • If this expense request is for hosting a IOB invited guest, an ENTERTAINMENT FORM (PDF) needs to be attached to your online expense request.
  • Please keep food and alcoholic beverage purchases on separate receipts.
  • Alcoholic beverage reimbursements cannot be processed through UGA Financials and MUST be submitted to the IOB business office for reimbursement.  Please email copies of your SIGNED receipts to Please note, alcoholic beverage reimbursement are processed in paper through the UGA Foundation.  Processing times vary and can take 4-6weeks.