Postdoctoral Membership Application

Application for Institute of Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Membership

Purpose:  The Institute of Bioinformatics (IOB) recognizes that postdoctoral fellows are hired to a particular laboratory and, unlike graduate students, do not have a formal connection to a department or other wider community of researchers with similar interests. The purpose of the IOB postdoctoral membership is to establish a formal association and closer link between the Postdoctoral Fellows working in the field of bioinformatics and the IOB community.

Requirements: Candidates are expected to perform research in the area of bioinformatics or computational biology, widely defined. Candidates need to submit a complete application (below), and provide a CV and a statement of support from their sponsor (generally the PI; one sentence is sufficient).

Benefits: IOB Postdoctoral Fellows receive invitations to IOB events (beyond the seminar announcements and other invitations sent to public listservs), have access to IOB resources, can participate in organization of IOB activities, propose IOB events, provide suggestions for IOB seminar speakers, give guest lectures in IOB courses (upon agreement with the instructor), and to a limited extent participate in IOB governance (e.g., serve on selected committees). The main intended benefit is a stronger mutual sense of the member’s ‘belonging’ to the IOB community.

Responsibilities: IOB Postdoctoral Members are expected to be active members of the IOB community, participate in IOB events, take advantage of some of the benefits listed above, and contribute to the IOB mission in accordance with their status, resources, and abilities.


Application Procedure – Please download and complete the application via this LINK and attach a copy of your curriculum vitae and a cover letter describing the IOB activities in which you would like to participate, how these activities relate to your bioinformatics research  (200 words or less).  The statement of support from the sponsor can be attached or provided separately. Please return the application by email to the IOB Admin Manager at