Booking a Direct Bill Travel through the IOB office:

  • Please email the IOB office a request to book a flight through a UGA travel agent.  Your email must include a valid Chart String and include this completed  PDF  form.  The IOB offfice will NOT be able to complete your reservation request without the completed PDF.
  • The office is also able to book Groome Schuttle service to and from Atlanta Airport.  The shuttle departs from the UGA Center & Hotel.  If you have direct billed your flight through the IOB, just mention you would like to take a Groome for your flight reservation.  If your reservation has been made outside of the IOB, please email us your detailed flight information to request a shuttle.  The information that is required is: date, flight number, flight time, and cell phone number. Please let us know if the shuttle one-way OR round trip.

Travel Do’s and Dont’s: