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  Congratulations 2023 Graduates!

Professor Jessica Kissinger and Dr’s Joshua Watson, Noah Legall, and Ruijie (Rachel) Xu

IOB Recent Graduates 2022/2023
  • Dr. Joshua Watson, advisor Dr. Shaying Zhao – Congratulations Josh!
  • Dr. Ruijie (Rachel) Xu, advisor Dr. Liliana Salvador – Congratulations Rachel!
  • Dr. Lambodhar Damodaran, advisor Dr. Justin Bahl – Congratulations Lambo!
  • Dr. Noah Legall, advisor Dr. Liliana Salvador- Congratulations Noah!
  • Dr. Yi Zhou, advisor Dr. Ying Xu- Congratulations Yi!
  • Dr. Michael Francis, advisor Dr. Kaixiong Ye – Congratulations Michael!
  • Dr. Jiani Chen, advisor Dr. Justin Bahl – Congratulations Jiani!
  • Dr. Yue Wu, advisors Dr. Jonathan Arnold and Dr. Art Edison – Congratulations Yue!
  • Dr. Eduardo Scopel Ferreira Da Costa with advisor Dr. Douda Bensasson- Congratulations Eduardo!
  • Dr. Xiao Qui with advisor Dr. Jonathan Arnold and committee members, Dr. Mao, Dr. Schuttler, and Dr. Edison – Congratulations Xiao!
  • Dr. Michael Skaro with advisor Dr. Jonathan Arnold – Congratulations Michael!
  • Dr. Yuan Feng, advisor Dr. Shaying Zhao – Congratulations Yuan!
  • Dr. Wayland Yeung with advisor Dr. Natarajan Kannan – Congratulations Wayland!
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International Student FAQ

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Bioinformatics at UGA is unique!  Our program emerged from the biological sciences and a recognition that all life sciences and biotechnology were going to need to analyze vast quantities of data.  Thus, our program emphases the full data lifecycle from experimental design to choosing the appropriate technology to analysis with the proper statistics and algorithms.
Our mission is to facilitate cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in bioinformatics/computational biology and its application. We train graduate students to tackle complex biological problems which utilize omics or other complex data types. Our goal is for students to attain mastery and leadership in this new, rapidly evolving, interdisciplinary field. The IOB offers Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Bioinformatics and a Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics to students enrolled in other graduate programs at UGA.