Publication by Dr. Travis Glenn now in Print

Dr. Travis Glenn has published a paper in Systems Biology. “Analysis of a rapid evolutionary radiation using ultraconserved elements (UCEs): Evidence for a bias in some multispecies coalescent methods” is reference below and you can read it online here. Meiklejohn, K. A., B. C. Faircloth, T....

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Recent Graduate Accepts Position

Dr. Chi Zhang, recent graduate in the Bioinformatics program, has accepted a position at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Zhang will be an assistant professor in the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics and his research will be associated with the Center for...

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IOB Faculty Member Awarded Fellowship

Dr. Art Edison has been given a Fulbright Specialist Fellowship. Dr. Edison will teach NMR and metabolomics to students in Ecuador, spending significant time in country to teach, develop new collaborations, and recruit graduate students to the University of Georgia....

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