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Category: Faculty

Tarleton, Rick

Research Interest

The research in our lab focuses on the immunology and pathogenesis of Trypanosoma cruzi infection and the resulting disease syndrome known as Chagas disease. Currently, there are no vaccines for prevention of T. cruzi infection and current chemotherapeutic regimens have had limited success. We are interested in answering three questions to learn more about the immunology and pathogenesis of T. cruzi:

1. How is immune control initiated and maintained during the infection?
2. How does T. cruzi manage to avoid immune clearance and maintain an infection for decades in hosts?
3. What is the relationship between immunity, parasite persistence, and disease development?

Taha, Thiab

Research Interest

Scientific computing, optical fiber systems, differential equation models for biochemical reaction networks, parallel algorithms, symbolic computations, applied mathematics, and discrete nonlinear wave equations


Schüttler, Heinz-Bernd

Research Interest

Computational physics, quantum theory, electron systems, high-temperature superconductivity, computational biology, functional genomics, and kinetics of biochemical reaction networks

Paterson, Andrew H.

Research Interest

The research in our plant genome mapping lab falls into three different categories: identification and implementation of DNA diagnostic tools that are predictive of specific plant characteristics,  identification of the functions of specific genes in plants, and throwing light on plant biodiversity at the genic and genomic level. Plant genomics is a thriving area of research with numerous exciting opportunities open to the next generation of plant scientists.


Malmberg, Russell

Research Interest

I am interested in both bioinformatics and plant evolutionary genetics.  My work in plant biology involves examining the genetics, evolution, and ecology, of insect-eating pitcher plants of the Sarracenia species. Most of my bioinformatics work involves developing methods of modeling and searching genomes for non-coding RNAs.


Handel, Andreas

Research Interest

Our lab combines experimental data with mathematical analysis and computational simulations to obtain an understanding of the complex processes that govern the dynamics of infectious diseases. Specific diseases of interest include influenza, tuberculosis, and norovirus. We have also looked into drug resistance, pathogen-immune response interactions, and the evolution and adaptation of microbial populations. We receive funding from the university as well as the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the National Institutes of Health (NIAID/NIH).


Glenn, Travis

Research Interest

My research involves developing and using DNA techniques and technologies to address problems in ecology, evolution, environmental health & remediation, toxicology, and natural resource management that have a direct impact on human health. Most of my current research focuses on environmental genomics and developing new tools to study germ-line mutations.


Dobbin, Kevin K.

Research Interest

Our research lab focuses heavily on integrating biostatistics into cancer research. Among some of the things we examine are high dimensional data, experimental design, classifier development and validation, cancer biomarkers, and causal modeling.