PhRMA Grant for Bioinformatics Research on Trialect

The goal of the Informatics program is to promote development and use of informatics in an integrative approach toward understanding normal processes of human biology and disease processes. Informatics awards support career development of scientists engaged in research that significantly integrates state-of-the-art information technology developed with advanced biological, chemical, and pharmacological sciences in the following areas:

  • Genetics Proteomics
  • Molecular Systems Biology
  • Medical (human) Pathways and Networks
  • Pharmaco- Integrative Biology
  • Population Modeling and Simulation
  • Genomics Molecular Epidemiology

This award provides $20,000 in stipend support per year for one or two years. Applications must be submitted by an accredited U.S. college or university. As the deadline is 3 weeks away, we are reaching out to see if your fellows or junior faculty are interested. The details can be perused on this posting: PhRMA Grant for BioInformatics   at .