Dogwood Genome Project Involves IOB Faculty

Dr. Magdy Alabady, Dr. James Leebens-Mack, and Dr. CJ Tsai are IOB-affiliated faculty members who are working on a large genomic project funded by the National Science Foundation.  Along with other Southeastern universities, UGA is working to complete the first complete genome sequence for dogwoods,...

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IOB Student publishes paper in Molecular Plant

IOB student Lexiang Ji has published a paper in Molecular Plant.  "Crop Epigenomics: Identifying, Unlocking, and Harnessing Cryptic Variation in Crop Genomes" discusses discoveries in crop epigenomics, in particular the role of DNA methylation in development, evolution, and response to environmental changes.  To read the...

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IOB Student Ahmad Al-Omari published paper

Ahmad Al-Omari has published the third and final chapter of his dissertation. "Discovering regulatory network topologies using ensemble methods on GPGPUs with special reference to the biological clock of Neurospora crassa" has been published in IEEE Xplore and can be viewed here....

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